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LXDE (Ubuntu mobile 9.04) On Mer Running Smoothly On N900!

Thursday, 25 March 2010 18:26

Written by Apocalypso

ubuntu_00I know I am very, very, very behind on this, but I decided to add this amazing Lifenexus's tweak to our hacking section, mainly for the benefit of those who don't read our forum section frequently.

Anyway, I guess most fo you will agree with me that Nokia N900 is probably the most ingenuous and powerful combination of software and hardware that Nokia has ever created.

Of course, Nokia N900 is not first Linux based device out there but what makes N900 different is how Nokia uses Linux and fact that Maemo is not yet another Linux BASED platform, Maemo IS Linux with a touch optimized interface, but just in case you are not satisfied with Maemo UI or you want to try something completely different read on…

Unless you're a diehard Apple fan, I guess most of you will agree with me that Nokia N900 really has a large potential and it looks like it will never ceases to amaze us. Our Lifenexus's has managed to port Ubuntu mobile 9.04 on N900 with LXDE. That would be MER with lxde desktop on top of it. Ubuntu is natively installed on the MicroSD card and runs at a surprisingly good speed too.

It has support for wi-fi, charging, touch etc but no support for phone. so you can’t make calls in mer. Just reboot into Maemo when Done.

MER on n900 with LXDE (Ubuntu mobile 9.04)

For those who don’t know Ubuntu, is a computer operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. It is named after the Southern African ethical ideology Ubuntu ("humanity towards others") and is distributed as free and open source software with additional proprietary software available.

Ubuntu provides an up-to-date, stable operating system for the average user, with a strong focus on usa bility and ease of installation. Web statistics from late 2009 suggest that Ubuntu's share of Linux desktop usage is between 40 and 50%.

Ubuntu focuses on usability. The Ubiquity installer allows Ubuntu to be installed to the hard disk from within the Live CD environment, without the need for restarting the computer prior to installation. Ubuntu also emphasizes accessibility and internationalization to reach as many people as possible.


Source: MF forum

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