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VIDEO: Nokia N900 Overclocked Up To 1GHz

Sunday, 04 April 2010 09:48

Written by Apocalypso

n900_superIf there's a problem with Nokia's first Maemo based Samrtphone it's the battery life which is just too short and just in case you want to make it even shorter read on.

You see, although Nokia N900 is one of the fastest Nokia devices in the market in terms of clock speed, Maemo hackers have managed to push the limit further and overclock N900 to 1GHz, which is nearly 100% faster than the original clock speed .

Anyway, if you are a professional who doesn't care about battery life and you plan to overclock your phone then you must know standard overclocking side effects such as reduced battery life, increased pocket warmth, occasional freezing, not to mention it could radically reduce the life of your CPU.

Now even after knowing overclocking side effects if you still want to overclock your N900 then head over to our forum section for necessary files and instructions on how to modifying kernel sources and overclock your phone.

Nokia N900 @ 900mhz and psx4all Castlevania SOTN


Source: Blogsdna

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