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Help Add Automatic Screen Rotation to the N900

Monday, 28 September 2009 20:29

Written by Chris McFann

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teamwork_topThe Nokia N900 is mere weeks from landing in our hands, and soon we'll be able to finally add features at will without having to hack and force our way around the wishes of Nokia. It will be a fine day for Freaks across the world. But luckily, you don't have to wait to get started. You can participate NOW!

One of the biggest initial shortcomings of the N900 is its lack of portrait mode support throughout the device user interface, something Symbian users take for granted. Currently, only the Phone and third party apps will allow portrait mode and automatic screen rotation via the included but underutilized accelerometer.

Whether Nokia will change this in the future isn't clear, nor is it important, because Maemo is an open source OS. So we can add it ourselves. Unfortunately, its easier said than done, since adding Automatic Screen Rotation brings along many issues that need solving. The good news is there is a venue to solve those problems and add any ideas of your own that might be helpful, and I'll show you exactly how.

Maemo.org is the official home of our beloved OS. It isn't the easiest place to traverse because of the amount of high quality information and slant towards developers and those more tech savvy than even the average power user, but the truth is its open to the public, and true to its open source philosophy, anyone can participate in making Maemo even better. They have a section of the site for Brainstorms, which is just a cool word for idea sharing sessions. This is the place were ideas are incubated and can become a reality.

To participate in any Brainstorm, all you need to do is register HERE, then watch THIS VIDEO for a demonstration on how the Brainstorm feature works. Once you've had a decent intro, you're free to participate in the various Brainstorms and accompanying sessions, submit possible solutions, and even start a Brainstorm of your own.

To participate in the Brainstorm for adding ASR/Portrait support to the N900, browse HERE. We need more input, fresh ideas, input on previous proposed solutions, and comments on what you think about the project as a whole, so feel free to join the initiative. Its a personal pet project of mine I'm deeply involved in. You never know. You may just be helping decide what features will be included in the N900 in the future. Enjoy!

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