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Forum Nokia Released The Final Version Of Maemo 5 SDK

Wednesday, 07 October 2009 07:14

Written by Apocalypso.

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developers_00Those interested in developing widgets and applications for the world's most powerful smartphone, would like to know that Forum Nokia has released the final version of the Maemo 5 SDK.

This is the first SDK release done in Forum Nokia and contains everything a developer needs to get their software ready for N900 users. It delivers the latest Maemo 5 code base, which is a reason good enough for any Maemo developer to install it and leave behind previous versions.

This first stabile version of Nokia N900 SDK is available for free and basically all you need is a valid Forum Nokia account. It is also important to say that SDK contains fully functional emulator and information that might be interesting even for non-developing oriented users and possible Nokia N900 owners who would like to get their hands on Maemo 5.

If you are interesting in just, check the Maemo development landing page in Forum Nokia for the SDK download, the release notes and other technical details. After all it will cost you nothing so it is highly suggestible to get and run the latest Maemo OS version and test some applications and games under PC emulation.

Here is the short list of changes:

  • If you are new to this check the modest yet beautiful Discover Maemo 5 SDK wiki page.
  • Windows / Mac / Eclipse users: you can start with the VMWare based Maemo Virtual SDK. The new release has the same content than the official Maemo 5 Final SDK.
  • After clear and continuous developer feedback the SDK offers now the possibility to install Nokia applications needed for proper testing of add-ons, plugins and web services.
  • A new Sharing Plug-in API has been released to help you integrate web services for sharing files. Users can install these plug-ins in one click and have new web services just as integrated as the ones that come out of the box.

Also don’t forget the Maemo 5 UI Guidelines published recently, specially the Hildon 2.2 UI Style Guide, the Maemo 5 Desktop Widget UI Guidelines and the document about Redesigning from Maemo 4 to Maemo 5.

You can check the maemo.org Development section for an exhaustive list of Maemo 5 developer resources including the community supported runtimes.


Source: Flors

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