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Maemo OS On Windows Mobile powered HTC HD2

Tuesday, 30 March 2010 07:16

Written by Apocalypso

Do you ever imagine running Maemo platform on other Mobile devices? Well, if you don’t like Nokia hardware [ how could anyone not like HQ Nokia devices made of plastic that looks and feels cheap ;o) ] but you do like this cute and easy to use open source operating system read on.

You see, Jykazu has managed to ‘run’ latest version of Maemo OS on an Windows Mobile powered HTC HD2 and upload video on his YouTube channel to show off how Maemo looks like on an amazing HD2's 4.3in WVGA (480x800) screen.

The only problem is that video is actually fake and it is apparently not possible, not yet at least, but who knows, Maemo is truly open source OS and in open-source world, everything is possible and magical!

Anyway, here is the video and if nothing else you can see how it looks like on a really big screen.

N900 Maemo OS on HTC HD2



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