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toolsJust want to give everyone a quick heads up that Nokia has rolled out minor firmware update (3.2010.02-8) for Nokia N900 and you can get it as Firmware Over the Air (firmware over the air) through the Application manager or with Nokia Software Updater As well but in that case you'll lose all settings and apllications as well so be sure that you have valid back up before update.

If you haven’t been warned yet, than enable internet connection and refresh app manager and you should see the 16.2 MB large Firmware version 3.2010.02-8. It should be available for most of the generic product codes but owners of branded devices might have to wait a bit longer.

Although there is no detailed change log it is still highly suggestible to get it as it usually brings dozens of minor bug fixes and improves reliability of your pho... .. .

ARM, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments Incorporated
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you've heard that Intel
Just want to give everyone a quick heads up that Nokia has rolled out yet another firmware
Intel has been trying to penetrate the market for mobile device application processors for
CThe good folks from Opera beta labs are proud to present the first preview build of Opera
As you may have already know, The Qt 4.7 Beta1 was released today, and now I’m happy to

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pyFMRadio Is Now Fully Compatible With Nokia N900!!

Monday, 12 October 2009 08:57

Written by Apocalypso.

fmradio_tmIt is not secret that N900’s software isn’t complete and there are couple of missing features and few rough spots where the developers haven't completely finished their work but from other hand operating systems are always a work in progress and the work is never done to improve them!

Nokia also belief that product like Maemo is ideally suited for open source model and is hoping it will manage to attract hobby developers and large open source community around Linux, which will help it grow and mature into the and mature into the leading solution for building rich and user friendly mobile applications.

Anyway, a common complaint about the current Maemo 5 platform is that it lacks some of the basic features such as MMS support, lprofile s support, portrait mode and especially fact that it will not be shipped with a built-in FM-radio application although de... .. .

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Video Presentation Of The Koffice’s Maemo 5 UI

Monday, 12 October 2009 05:44

Written by Apocalypso.

kofficeSuresh Chande from the Nokia Maemo Devices R&D at Helsinki has made quite interesting video presentation KOffice running on a Maemo 5.

The application uses a custom user interface specifically designed to fit in with the Maemo 5 style. Part of the projects goals is to help KOffice mature its loading and rendering of MSOffice documents. It is also important to point out that all contributions to KOffice have been made directly inside the KOffice subversion repository.

This Office UI will be open sourced and will be available for download from Maemo extras-devel respository soon. The Office UI developed for Maemo 5 will be open sourced and if you want to contribute join us at maemo.gitorious.org to mature this application for making it end user ready and if you are intere.... .. .

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Maemo 6 Previewed At The Second Annual Maemo Summit In Amsterdam

Saturday, 10 October 2009 06:04

Written by Apocalypso.

binaryAt the second annual Maemo Summit in Amsterdam Nokia previewed the next version of its Linux based platform for Smartphone and Mobile Internet Devices (MID).

Sneak peek at Maemo 6 platform showed off a nice array of eye candy and some actually useful bits, like support for capacitive screens, multitouch, gestures, desktop filled with widgets and advanced graphics effects that are scheduled to be in the release about a year from now.

The new multi-touch and gestures support will enables user interaction with more than one finger, and combines sequential touch inputs to a 'gesture'. The main benefits of this new functionality will allows users to interact with applications in better ways, simplifying finger-based interaction with UI compo... .. .

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VIDEO: Qt Technology Preview On The Nokia N900

Friday, 09 October 2009 10:14

Written by Apocalypso.

toolsAs we mentioned earlier this morning, Nokia has announced official Qt port to Maemo which was previously only available as an internal community project.

This release also marks an important milestone for the open source community and another significant milestone in Qt's life as developers can now use Qt to target the upcoming N900 device.

Nokia vision is to have Qt Everywhere and to enable you to create advanced applications with innovative user experiences while getting to market quickly. With the release of Qt port to Maemo 5, Nokia is are further broadening its embedded offering and allo... .. .

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CEATEC: KDDI's Latest Fuel-Cell Prototype Cellphone Charge in Seconds!!

Friday, 09 October 2009 09:46

Written by Apocalypso.

fuelcell_tmKDDI had been in co-development with Toshiba and Hitachi since July, 2004 on next-generation fuel cells for use in mobile devices such as cell-phones and the latest prototype cell phone based on a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) made its debut on Tuesday at the KDDI booth at CEATEC show in Japan.

The modified Toshiba T002 handset is being shown by Japanese carrier KDDI as a research and development device and shows some improvements in technology based on previous prototypes, but there's still no word on when a phone based on the technology will be available.

Although, we don’t have any firm dates for commercial availability of this fuel powered device, Japan's biggest newspaper, (Nikkei) reports that Toshiba will begin with mass production of compact direct methanol fuel cells for mobile devices such as mp3 play... .. .

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Nokia announces official Qt port to Maemo 5

Friday, 09 October 2009 07:14

Written by Apocalypso.

qt_tmNokia today announced the creation of the official Qt port to Maemo 5 and published an initial Technology Preview release. This port to Maemo 5 means that developers can now use Qt to target the upcoming Nokia N900 device and also ensures that applications can be easily ported to all Qt's supported platforms including the next Maemo 6 release as well as Symbian and Windows Mobile.

The Qt port to Maemo 5 is designed specifically to work within the Maemo 5 environment, which will power the upcoming Nokia N900 device. The port itself will be based on Qt's upcoming version 4.6 and is scheduled for final release in Q1 of 2010.

"With this announcement and our upcoming port of Qt to the Symbian platform, we will quickly see Qt established as a leading framework for mobile application development. Developers will be able to use Qt as a framework to create powerful native applications and with Qt's Webkit integra... .. .

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Immersion Makes TouchSense Available to Maemo Developers

Thursday, 08 October 2009 10:37

Written by Apocalypso.

multitouch_tmImmersion Corporation, the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced that its TouchSense haptics technology is now available to developers wishing to seamlessly integrate touch feedback into applications on the new Nokia N900 mobile computer, based on Maemo software.

Immersion’s TouchSense technology improves efficiency and intuitiveness by providing confirmation of touchscreen presses, and adds improved accuracy, depth and fun to content such as ringtones, videos, games and music.

At the Maemo Summit 2009, Oct. 9 – 11, in Amsterdam, Immersion will demonstrate various applications of its technology for Maemo on Nokia N900 handsets, including a haptics-enabled version of the popular ga... .. .

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Maemo Devices Will Never Be Anything More Than A Fad Among Geeky Enthusiasts?!

Wednesday, 07 October 2009 22:33

Written by Apocalypso.

maemo_tmPredicting the future is not an easy task and has risks of its own, especially when it comes to predicting the global Smartphone OSes market share  but according to Gartner’s analyst Ken Dulaney, Linux based Android mobile operating system that currently runs on less than 2% of all smartphones will surge to 14% of the global smartphone market in 2012.

Although this is great news for Linux fans, it is a somewhat empty victory for Maemo enthusiasts, who have been predicting a very successful year for the community and first Nokia’s Linux based phone because Gartner also predicts that various other Linux based devices including the mighty Nokia N900 will sell only 28 million units and take sixth place with just 5.4 percent of the market share.

So although the open-source operating systems are accumulating broader industry support, which is a factor that could potentially lead to modest market share increases in the coming years it is still very possible that Maemo powered devices will never be anything more than a fad among geeky enthu... .. .

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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Showcased On Nokia N900

Wednesday, 07 October 2009 15:55

Written by Apocalypso.

flashDuring the Adobe MAX 2009 in Los Angeles, Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer showcased Flash Player 10.1 on a series of smart phones including the forthcoming Nokia N900.

Flash Player 10.1 will be available for Palm webOS, Maemo, Google Android, Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems and allow consumers to enjoy flash content even customer when the computer is turned off and the laptop is closed. On these devices, you will be able to install and update Flash Player and view SWF content in the browser, just as you would on the desktop.

Flash Player 10.1 is the first consistent runtime release of the Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and high definition (HD) videos across devices. Using the productive Web program... .. .

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New Texas Instruments’s OMAP-DM5x Coprocessors To Bring 20 Mpx Photos & 720p HD Video to Mobile devices

Wednesday, 07 October 2009 10:34

Written by Apocalypso.

OMAP-DM5x_tFurther addressing consumer expectations for mobile phones that deliver performance equivalent to stand-alone consumer devices, Texas Instruments Incorporated today announced two new members of its OMAP-DM5x family of coprocessors, which deliver the industry's highest megapixel capability, with up to 20 MP still imaging capabilities, as well as 720p high-definition camcorder functionality.

The OMAP-DM515 and OMAP-DM525 coprocessors accelerate imaging and video performance, giving handset manufacturers an easy way to upgrade existing handset designs to get to market quickly with cutting-edge multimedia capabilities.

The OMAP-DM5x family of coprocessors comes with a complete software package, delivered by TI, enabling quick and efficient development of new or existing mobile handset designs... .. .

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Forum Nokia Released The Final Version Of Maemo 5 SDK

Wednesday, 07 October 2009 07:14

Written by Apocalypso.

sdkThose interested in developing widgets and applications for the world's most powerful smartphone, would like to know that Forum Nokia has released the final version of the Maemo 5 SDK.

This is the first SDK release done in Forum Nokia and contains everything a developer needs to get their software ready for N900 users. It delivers the latest Maemo 5 code base, which is a reason good enough for any Maemo developer to install it and leave behind previous versions.

This first stabile version of Nokia N900 SDK is available for free and basically all you need is a valid Forum Nokia account. It is also important to say that SDK contains fully functional emulator and information that might be interesting even for non-developing oriented users and possi... .. .

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Fennec BETA 4 Brings Numerous Improvements And Better Support For Nokia N900

Wednesday, 07 October 2009 06:49

Written by Apocalypso.

fennecCouple of months ago, Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind Firefox, has rolled out first beta version of Fennec , the long awaited mobile version of the Firefox for and now I'm glad to inform you that they have released a forth beta for Nokia’s Maemo based devices last night which bringing them one step closer to the final release.

Fennec 1.0 beta 4 further improves user experience, and brings numerous performance, speed, functionality and UI improvements. Furthermore it offers an improved panning and zooming performance and behaviour, adds search providers from the site identity panel and ability to manage search provid... .. .

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Nokia N900 Hands On

n900 Since the first Linux powered Nokia phone became official last week, there has been a lot of buzz about device and the huge influx of various different photos, videos and even camera samples onto the internet but most of these materials were produced by Nokia Press studios and if you one of those who prefer real user experience over boring press materials read on!

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Bounce Demo Looks Awesome

bounceThe rendering quality offered by a hardware accelerated core and the OMAP chipset is obviously a lot better than through software rendering. The addition of high-performance hardware, Filtering Modes, MIPMapping and higher resolution textures massively improve the appearance of objects removing the ugly, pixelated blockiness seen in softw... .. .

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Vision Of Mixed Reality

mixed As our lives become increasingly digital, and information about our environment becomes both more contextual and readily available, we will soon want to interact with the ever-growing amounts of information and expect capabilities provided by mobile technology to be delivered in more intuitive and convenient ways. Rather than having to acti... .. .

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