Online casinos are recognized among the adepts of gambling, not only because of the variety of games offered by them but also because of the popular reward bonuses. In them, the players see higher the chances of winning, because usually, these consist of a specific amount of money or coins that can be used to make bets, apart from the one that each player personally destines for the games.

However, these bonuses are a type of credit that the casino offers its users, so the issue does not work just by registering at the casino, depositing and once the bonus is collected to withdraw it immediately. This is because each of the bonuses offered is subject to terms and conditions that restrict its use. In this way, it is imperative to comply with certain conditions that are established by the same casino where it is played, being they also those who will be responsible for issuing the final resolutions that determine if the player is eligible to receive the bonus.

For this reason, this article will tell about the conditions that players must meet in order to receive the reward bonuses offered by online casinos. The reasons for requesting these requirements are that you cannot forget that the first frauds in gambling are the responsibility of some dishonest players. In view of this, the casinos took measures to protect themselves and all their users.

Most common restrictions in online casinos

Each casino has a section of terms and conditions that must be accepted by users who wish to be part of the site before making the registration and opening the account, there are also explained the restrictions of use that each of the different bonuses entails that the casino offers its users. However, these are also explained in the bonus promotions. Here are the most common:

  • The welcome bonus cannot be used in all games of the casino catalog.
  • To play must be through multiples depending on the deposit made plus the bonus.
  • Bets placed on slot machines receive more credits than any of the table games.
  • It is necessary to finish the game in a period of time that is generally 3 months.
  • Once all the conditions have been met, a withdrawal limit related to the bonus money may also be stipulated.

Other conditions

Other obligations to which players are subjected and probably one of the most frustrating for them is to “play through.” In this way, if you play with aggressive bets, which make you lose money quickly, the bonus you get will be null; this means that you do not have debts with the casino, but there is nothing left to continue playing.

Also, there are casinos that place conditions related to the games to be able to opt for the welcome bonus; which means that it is very likely that the bonus money can be withdrawn until the requirements of the bet have been met. For this reason, if the requirements associated with the bet are not completed or the game is changed or abandoned before achieving it, this results in the cancellation of the bonus offer, so the value of the welcome bonus will be subtracted from the balance Player’s staff However, these requirements are usually between 25 and 30 times what is initially deposited plus what is worth the bonus.