One day, I was stand with my friends in the winter season. We were gossiping about the school days which we have missed in our life and discussed about Christmas day; it was celebrated at very large scale in ours school time. We wanted to remind these memories which we had lost in life, we had decided to celebrate that day from outside of my city. My friends booked tickets online to gone America by the flight and now we have return to home for packed our bags.

Next Day, In Morning all my friends met at the airport and we have ready to gone outside the country. After sometime we had reached in America then we go in the hotel by the car. In the Evening, we planned to go to celebrate Christmas day in the tiger club. At Late night, we returned to hotel and played music on the YouTube then suddenly I saw an advertisement of casino gambling games Spectacular WOW. I liked so much such type of games, mostly which I played online but that time I have not more knowledge about these game so that I watched the trailer of Spectacular WOW in HD Quality with the friends.

Now I got some knowledge about how to play this game after few analyses so that we were going to club to the next night and ready to enjoy this slot. It was awesome, two bit coins slot, large of symbols machinein this game, coins were rotated on the wheel and I got the bonus points when one spin of the wheel completed. When one spin completed in it bonus point and counts of bit coins both were displayed on the Screen on the same time. At the last moment, I won this slot with various prizes and my friends appreciate for this success.